The Exchange CEREMONY


The Progressive Minds Show, a 501 (c) 3, was honored to present our 3rd  Annual Exchange Ceremony celebrating the Global African Diaspora with the theme: Restoring the Royalty.  This three-day experience began Thursday, June 22nd, through Saturday, June 24th at various locations throughout Chicago. This year’s theme, “Restoring The Royalty” expanded The Exchange Ceremony’s ability to impact and create union between our Diaspora as we regain strength through acknowledging the failure of continental Africans not searching for their brothers and sisters during the last 400 years of our separation.

It is exciting to see the increased interest in Africa in all sectors of the world — Africa is Rising! Consequently, it is important that progressive minded people remain in front and engaged in its ascent because the opportunities are endless, particularly for the African American community.

During this historic ceremony the Honorary coronated Kings and Queens were welcomed as sons and daughters of the African Diaspora back into their royal lineage and heritage and as citizens of the kingdom of H.R.H Togbi Nyaho Tamakloe VI. They gained their full rights to own and settle on Togbi’s lands in Anlo – Volta Region. The African Diasporan, as a sign of their acceptance of their royalty, may partake in the development and wellbeing of their brothers and sisters in Africa.

Additionally, during our annual celebration of culture and honor, we reflected upon the 400 years of African American history in the United States as recognized by H.R. 1242 Commission Act in the “Year of Return” as well as renewing our commitment to strengthening our present and future generations. The Exchange Ceremony is an event symbolic of unity and healing for the Global African Diaspora. It is designed to fully embrace, educate, heal, and understand the ethnicities, cultures, and traditions within the African, Afro-Caribbean, African American, Afro-Latino, and South American communities.



Thursday, June 22

From 6 - 9pm CST
Business Exchange Forum
Empowering Futures. This was an engaging business conversation with business leaders Leveraging African and African American Insights for Business Intelligence & Stability. A powerful reception with African Cuisine was the highlight of the day. The event was held at DuSable Museum of African American History

Friday, June 23

At 5:30pm CST is the Exchange Ceremony Panel Discussion took place at the headquarters of our Global Partner, Operation PUSH.  Panelists include scholars and experts who spoke and engaged in issues of the impact of slavery on the history, culture and mental health of the African Diaspora.  The Progressive Minds Show host, Sena Amenyo, moderated this important discussion.

Saturday, June 24

From 4pm – 7pm CST is the Business Exchange, this was an early evening reception of business leaders from Africa and America gathering to discuss Ghana’s economy and opportunities to do business together, attendees learnt about who is in the room and mingled with one another in a reception setting. DuSable Museum of African American History offered to host this reception as we collaborated with The Illinois Black Caucus Foundation. It was a great evening of engaging and uncovering ideas and business opportunities in both economies.

We are pleased that the following dignitaries were selected and Honored:

Honorary Coronated Kings and Queens of The Diaspora

The Following Received Royalty Titles:

On behalf of the entire Progressive Minds Board and The Exchange Ceremony team, we would like to thank all including our Sponsors AAA, New Beginners Church, Old World Market – Chicago, Reverence Behavioral Health Services, partners, Rainbow Push Coalition, Illinois Black Caucus Foundation and DuSable Museum of African American History for making this event another historic success.

We look forward to your continuous support and partnership for our next edition in June 2024.